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Ken Bushe 2014

Loch Linnie-200x161-150x120

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First Light on the Tay-750x428-150x85

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After the Greatest Clouds

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Sunrise Through Mist 3-200x147-150x110

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Eastern Sky-750x604-150x120

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One Crimson Night-750x595-150x119


Dawn Study 6-750x552-150x110

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Contrails 2-200x147-150x110
Cloudscape image 2-750x491-150x98
Setting Sun-200x147-150x110

Contemporary Seascape Painting

I see waves and weather every time I look out of the window and thus a large part of my painting has to be seascapes. Painting seascapes is similar to painting the sky in that there is the added element of constant movement within each work that the seascape artist must learn to deal with. 

Dawn From Tayport 2

Dawn from Tayport   8x10ins.  Oil on Canvas                                                             250  

Sunrise from Tayport 2

Sunrise from Tayport   10x12  Oil on Canvas                                                            300

My “observation post” for sunrises during the warmer months moves across the River Tay to Tayport. This and the painting above are both painted from the Fife  shore

North Sea Dawn Study

North Sea Sunrise Study    8x10ins.   Oil on Canvas                                                 Sold

In the Sky This Morning

In the Sky This Morning   12x16ins.   Oil on Canvas                                                   Sold

Dawn Seascape Composition - Sunrise over the North Sea - Oil on Canvas

Dawn Seascape Composition  8x10ins.   Oil on Canvas                                               190

Sunrise from behind Broughty Ferry Castle - Oil Painting of sunrise

Sunrise from the Castle   Oil on Canvas  14x16ins.                                                    500

Based on a small outdoor oil study painted on the spot as the sun rose....


The Small Isles-750x589

Oil Study for The Small Isles   8x10ins.  Oil on Canvas                                              Sold

Eastern Shore - Dawn rising over the North Sea, Oil painting of Sky

Eastern Shore  8x10ins.  Oil painting on Canvas                                                         Sold

Oil painting of water and sunset - On Pebble Beach

On Pebble Beach    8x10ins.  Oil painting on canvas                                                 Sold

The Wakening-750x631

The Wakening    50x60cm  (approx 20x24ins) Oil on Canvas                                         Sold

This work is about the sense of space in a brand new uncluttered sky forming over the North Sea.


Sunrise 7th January - Oil painting of sunrise over the water

Sunrise 7th January   8x10ins   Oil on canvas                                                        Sold

Painting of rainbow at Red Castle

From Red Castle 30x36ins.  Oil on Canvas                                                                1150 I crested the slope and got my first view from Red Castle - this rainbow was arcing into a dark North Sea....


Contemporary Seascape Painting - Lunan Bay

Lunan Bay 22x26ins.  Oil on Canvas                                                                                       Sold

A view towards Lunan Bay near Arbroath in Angus.


Oil painting of River Tay Dolphin

Tay Dolphin 1  Oil on canvas 50x60cms( approx. 20x24ins)                                          750

These superb and powerful creatures come into the Tay (mostly during the higher part of the tidal cycle) between May and October. They make a strong impression on anyone who sees them


Lightstorm  painting

Lightstorm 16x18ins.  Oil on Canvas                                  

...It began to develop into an exploration of the relationship between colour temperature and the representation of light in a painting


Much of my seascape observation is of the Tay Estuary which can change from a serene mirror to an awesome entity in a very short time. The stumps of the first Tay Rail Bridge, which can still be seen, are well recognised as a testament to its power on a bad day.

DSC_4194December 11, 2008-220x147


Contemporary Seascape - oil painting of wave

The Wave 10x11ins.  Oil on Canvas                                  

Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a river

Scotcraig Breaker

Scotcraig Breaker  16x18ins          

Painted over a preliminary pencil drawing to keep the main shapes tight and well defined...


Cockburnspath, Seascape painting of Sea from Cliffs Oil on Canvas, Landscape Painting

Cockburnspath  36x48ins.

A clear blue sky began to form a thin ribbon of mist far out on the horizon. This slowly expanded and approached...


Easthaven, Oil painting on canvas, Seascape

Easthaven  16x18                       

......the transition between the clear view through the water in the lower right of the painting, to the increasingly brilliant reflections as the eye lifts towards the horizon. I also remember getting wet feet...


Tall Ship leaving Dundee, Scottish Seascape Art

Tall Ship Leaving Dundee 20x24ins.

Painted after seeing the Mexican navy barque “Cuauhtemoc” leaving Dundee and sailing past my studio window while competing in the Tall Ships race.



West Beach Littlehampton - 28x36ins  Oil on Canvas                                                                     Sold