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After the Greatest Clouds

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Sunrise Through Mist 3-200x147-150x110

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Eastern Sky-750x604-150x120

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One Crimson Night-750x595-150x119


Dawn Study 6-750x552-150x110

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Contrails 2-200x147-150x110
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Setting Sun-200x147-150x110

Oil paintings of trees.

A selection of oil paintings that feature trees as their main subject.

Oil painting of birch trees near Perth

Trees Near Perth 12x16ins. Oil on Canvas                                                              Sold

Where the Deer Were

Where the Deer Were    10x12ins  Oil on Canvas                                                       Sold

I’d been painting in these woods for an hour or two when I turned round and saw two roe deer hinds about 30 feet away observing me gravely.


The Edge of the Woods-650x776

The Edge of the Woods  12x10ins.   Oil on Canvas                                                   Sold

An outdoor painting from woods on the Sidlaw Hills in Angus, Scotland.


Outdoor oil landscape painting of trees and stubble field near Logie

Stubble Field near Logie  8x10ins.  Oil on Canvas                                                                        Sold

Based on a quick tonal study and pencil sketch of a group of trees near Logie in Fife, Scotland.


Click on the pictures for a larger image and more info.

Old Oak Tree at Normans Law Fife. Oil landscape painting of trees.

Old Oak Tree at Norman’s Law  45x60cms. (Approx 18x24ins.)  Oil painting on canvas               950  

A small oak tree knitted into the hillside near Norman’s Law in Fife, Scotland. Typical of the small isolated oaks and other trees, mostly Scots Pines that remain as testament .....


Oil Study of Birch Tree. Outdoor oil painting of tree

Oil Study of Birch Tree   Oil on Canvas   8x10ins.                                                        225

This tree was so old it took some time before I realised it was actually a silver birch.


From the Bridge at Travebank   8x10ins.   Oil on Canvas                                           Sold

...from a bridge on a section of the old Dundee to Arbroath road which is now left abandoned..


Trees at Alyth-750x607

Trees at Alyth   8x10ins   Oil painting on canvas                                                         Sold

Oil Sketch, small oil painting of trees - Den of Aylth 1

Oil Sketch, Den of Aylth,  6x8ins.   Oil on Canvas                                                       Sold

Oil painting of tree - Beech Tree

Beech Tree  10x12ins   Oil on Canvas                                                             250

Trees and Waterfall oil painting - Falls at Killin 2

Falls at Killin 2  Oil on Canvas 8x10ins.                                                          Sold

Painting of Trees  at Halliburton Hill

Haliburton Hill   Oil on Canvas   50x60cms.                                                  Sold

Birch trees. Oil  Painting on canvas

Stand of Birches   8x10ins.  Oil on Canvas                                                        Sold

As the Sunshine Flows into Trees

“As the Sunshine Flows into Trees”  14x16ins. Oil on Canvas                           Sold

Snow Trees

“Snow Trees” 10x12ins.   Oil on Canvas                                                         Sold

Oil painting of Tree - Pines, Landscape Painting

Scots Pines 2 Outdoor Oil sketch  10x12ins.                                                 Sold

Caledonian Forest - Pines trees - Oil on canvas painting

Pines beside another path through the remnants of the ancient Caledonian Forest which once covered most of Scotland

Pines 10x12ins.     Sold                  

Wishing tree and moon. From Fountainhall in the Scottish Borders

Wishing Tree 24x26ins.   Commissioned work  Sold

Wishing Tree  - Commissioned oil painting
Outdoor Landscape painting - Laird's Loch

Laird’s Loch is stocked with coarse fish, ie. not trout. This tag would annoy me if I was a fish.

It’s a beautiful big pond in the Sidlaw Hills.

By Laird’s Loch  8x10ins. Available  - Sold

Hedges in Scotland can be quite sparse.This one in winter was vibrating in a strong north wind gusting from the River Tay. Perishingly cold. They survive this kind of life for centuries and are  taken for granted as no more than a minor addition to a fence.

Landscape painting of hedge -   Hedge Newburgh

The Road to Newburgh  8x10ins.                                  175                                     

 Landscape painting of trees in sunlight

Another path and these brilliantly lit young trees were just growing at the start of spring. 

Each tree had a long exaggerated shadow that wove across last year’s leaves.

Sunlight on Path  16x18ins    Sold

The age and size of the trees in this old pathway through the Surrey landscape give them a far stronger presence than any people who happen to walk alongside them.

On this path I was focused on the root structure that was knotted into the earth. They looked like they could have just have paused and pushed their way into the sandy soil that morning, changing into wood quickly like a speeded up film.

We used to think that some of them picked up their roots and walked around at night apparently.....

Pilgrims Way  30x36ins              Sold

Pilgrims way,  Compton - Paintings of Trees

High wind at sunrise and the tree standing against both.

The Hill at Sunrise 18x24ins.  Sold

Tree and Hill at Sunrise
Painting of Hedge.

The smaller of these two paintings was the outdoor oil sketch which I used as the basis of a larger studio work shown on the right. I needed to develop the idea a bit more without altering the  feeling of the moment of sunrise

Oil painting of hedge - By the Earthhouse, Ardestie

By The Earth House                           Sold

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Tree paintings - Den of Alyth

A colour study of these woods in winter, in bright sunlight.

Oil sketch - Den of Alyth                    Sold  

Painting of Orchards

Orchard Barry Mill                                            Sold

This small oil study of Barry Mill, in Angus was used by Francesca Greenoak in her book ”The Gardens of the National Trust for Scotland” (Aurum Press Ltd. London)

Landscape painting with Pines

I’m always drawn to the age of trees as well as their appearance. At any rate, a sense of time always seems be a feature when I find myself painting trees.


Scots Pines 8x10ins.  Sold

Part of the same group of Scots Pines near Lairds Loch in the Sidlaw Hills just North of Dundee.....

This hairy caterpillar came back completely unharmed inside my hardback sketchbook and fell out in when I opened it hours later, indoors...

as a pet, I found it too demanding.

Photo of Lairds Loch


Some folk get to save the Rhino or the Blue Whale, others get Operation Hairy Caterpillar.

The Path  8x10 ins.  Sold

Paitning of Path with trees
Painting of Scottish Loch  and pines

Another view of the same wall of pines when the water was half frozen in winter sunlight.

Lairds Loch 2 10x12ins   Sold

This was painted in a hard frost with the sun failing to raise the mist enough to shine brightly and the ghost of a circle in the sky.


Winter Sun 11x14ins. Sold

Tree in Winter
Dance of leaves,  woods at Chilworth

The leaves were moving slowly and continually in a very slight wind. Too slight a wind to cause them to make any noise but nodding and twisting, lit and backlit, moving in space the stalks they lived on were invisible.

Dance of Leaves 30x36ins   Sold

In the Den of Alyth.

Aylth Burn  24x26ins.  Sold



Trees and River - oil landscape painting