Paintings of Rivers, Waterfalls, Millponds

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Ken Bushe 2014

Loch Linnie-200x161-150x120

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First Light on the Tay-750x428-150x85

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After the Greatest Clouds

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Sunrise Through Mist 3-200x147-150x110

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Eastern Sky-750x604-150x120

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One Crimson Night-750x595-150x119


Dawn Study 6-750x552-150x110

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Contrails 2-200x147-150x110
Cloudscape image 2-750x491-150x98
Setting Sun-200x147-150x110

Oil paintings of water within the landscape.  Rivers, waterfalls and still water.

A landscape doesn’t feel complete without some form of water. Landscape paintings are no different.  It’s in our nature to search it out. I always prefer painting near a stream or river. 

Falls at Killin - Oil Painting

Falls at Killin 20x24ins. Oil on Canvas                                                                      Sold

The falls at Killin are unusally accessible and are rarely seen without numbers of people sitting all over the rocks within the river itself. Nowadays, this seems strangely at odds with the size and magnificence of the falls themselves, giving the scene an idyllic, arcadian atmosphere. One in the eye for “health and safety” too.

Outdoor oil painting of small stream

The waterfalls on this small stream near Lochearn were real beauties. A small oil painting done on the spot.

If it were possible to catch the sound of running water in an oil painting I’d try to learn how.

Sadly, I won’t be able to get any more paintings from this spot because the stream rose twenty feet (20) during a freak rainstorm recently. It swept the whole banks bare of absolutely everything and destroyed the old bridge which was 100 yds downstream. All that was left when I saw it last was bare rock and mud.

Things will come back, I know, but it will never look like it did.

I once joked about feeling the need to paint the environment before it disappeared, but I never thought this process would start so quickly or be so personal.

Another small study of this stream, looking down into a waterfall about 2 ft across. Photo below was taken while painting it.

Ken Bushe - painting at Lochearn
Small  rockpool

OK, I’ll stop going on about it.

Oil paintings of Waterfalls - Reekie linn

The River Isla at Reekie Linn, near Alyth in bright sunlight. The name “Reekie” alludes to the mist which rises up from the falls like smoke. Lit by strong sunlight these falls are a landscape painters dream. The “mist” however is not. It soaks your work and by extension - yourself. Utterly. Looks great though

Barry Mill is one of my localities better kept secrets. It has a working mill and upstream of this also retains a large section of the landscape which powered and sustained the mill. Downstream, I’ve never explored.

Still water at Barry Mill

Oil painting of still water - Barry Mill

Running water creates its own landscape to surround itself with and I find I’m drawn to certain stretches where this is taken to extremes.

This small stream running within the Den of Alyth is one. A very private place with a strong presence.

 River Landscape in Alyth
Contemporary landscape paintingof water

I return to the same water places again and again. I’ll possibly haunt them at some point. The same spot looking at the same falls in a different light results in a very different painting.

Oil painting of deep water

The still deep water downstream from Reekie Linn waterfall has a completely different aspect and atmosphere.