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First Light on the Tay-750x428-150x85

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After the Greatest Clouds

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Sunrise Through Mist 3-200x147-150x110

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Eastern Sky-750x604-150x120

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One Crimson Night-750x595-150x119


Dawn Study 6-750x552-150x110

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Contrails 2-200x147-150x110
Cloudscape image 2-750x491-150x98
Setting Sun-200x147-150x110

Landscape Painting

My aim in landscape painting has always been to emphasis the major elements of land, water, sunlight and sky, and to explore the interaction between them in art.

My landscape painting doesn't stop at boats in the harbour or cottages with white walls by the sea.
Pretty villages are notably absent from my subject matter.
The huge elements of landscape fascinate me - the vast bowl of the sky linked to the sweep of the landscape below. These move me more as an artist than any of the quaint details that often appear in the guise of landscape painting.
The sun, the sky, the sea and the earth we stand upon is my landscape painting.

Dawn River Ythan

Dawn, River Ythan   10x12ins   Oil on Canvas                                                         300

River Earn

River Earn    10x12ins.   Oil on Canvas                                                                 


Sky over the Earn Valley   30x43ins.   Oil on Canvas                                                 Sold are suddenly at the top of a long steep hill looking down over a spectacular view to the south across the valley of the River Earn.
For a moment or two it's more like flying than driving in a car....


Low cloud - Sheriffmuir

Low Cloud - Sheriffmuir    8x10ins.  Oil on Canvas                                                 Sold

A day of ethereal light when the clouds strolled through the fields...


A single cloud might reach from directly above our head to beyond the visible horizon. The bluest sky is tinged with the black of outer space, of infinity. A tree is a truly huge living organism, our seas cover two thirds of the planet. Even a small hill dwarves our largest building projects. This is what my landscape painting is about.
Right outside my window the largest river in the country, the Tay, is  pushing towards the North Sea, a few miles to the East of here.
I paint landscape to explore relationships between these massive elements of our natural world. Solar light, the atmosphere and the earth. Clouds, trees, rivers and the sea as they appear at different times of the day in different lights. The significance of these moments is the central theme in my landscape  paintings.

Oil painting of the landscape near Logie in Fife with St Andrews and North Sea in distance

Landscape near Logie  10x12ins. Oil on Canvas                                                      275

The rolling landscape of Fife, looking over towards St.Andrews and the North Sea...I did a pencil drawing of the composition for reference in a new sketchbook and then drove away at the end of the day with the sketchbook still on the roof of the car. Needless to say, it’s not there now.

Loch Sunart Contemporary landscape art - oil painting

Loch Sunart Oil painting on canvas  50x 60cms. (approx 20x24inches)                        Sold

Painting of the River Tay at Inchyra

On the Tay at Inchyra 20x24ins. Oil on Canvas                                                         Sold

This is my favourite stretch of the whole River Tay. As seen from the classic motor cruiser Marigot on the river journey to Perth.

Landscape painting from near Logie

From Pitcullo Hill 8x10ins.  Oil on Canvas                                                                  Sold

Painted in Fife -  Grid ref. 402191 looking ESE to Myrecairnie Hill (O/S Explorer map 371)

Cloud and Sky oil painting

Cloudscape    20x30ins.   Oil painting on Canvas                                                       Sold

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With kind permission, I quote from the buyer of Cloudscape (above) -

1st Nov. 2011,  Hi Ken,
The painting arrived and I love it – even more in person than online!!!  Why does it work that way that the web just can’t capture how great they are…the nuances of colors, the sense of distance…amazing…..
Excited….My Best!
Ann   (Virginia USA)

Oil  landscape painting of trees on Dron Hill

From Dron Hill   8x10ins    Oil painting on Canvas                                                     Sold

Contemporary  landscape  painting- In the Kingdom of Fife

In the Kingdom of Fife     8x10 ins. (app.20x25cmc)  Oil on Canvas                              Sold

September - Landscape art

September   45x60cms  Oil on Canvas                                                                         Sold

September arrived before 9am today, safe in her cosy packaging.  We both love her.   Thank you so much.
Sue “

The growing awareness of our Earth’s environment as a fragile entity has only reinforced my belief that landscape paintings derived from direct observation of our planet is an increasingly relevant path for an artist to take in today’s world.

Barry Hill 2-650x545

Barry Hill    30x36ins. (approx 75x90cm)  Oil on Canvas                                     Commission

One of many prehistoric sites that have a strong “presence” to those who are interested in such things. Barry Hill has many more intriguing aspects, one of which is that it is linked to Arthurian legend....


Working near Lunan Bay

Ken Bushe _ Lunan Bay
Fields and Sky  - Angus - Oil Landscape Painting

Haliburton Hill   Oil on Canvas   50x60cms. (app.20x24ins”)                                         Sold

...a group of Scots Pines from the original ancient Caledonian Forest in a low winter sun.


Evening from Norman's Law. Landscape Art work

Evening from Norman’s Law   10x12ins   Oil on Canvas                                             Sold

...From this height and distance, it seems like a landscape in miniature....


Thornton Farm, Balmerino, Fife - Oil Painting Commission

Thornton Farm Commission  20x30ins  Oil on Canvas                                         Commission

This spot could have been from another time, remote as it was from the road with no presence of tractors or cars.....


20101102-IF 2-350x418

“If” 36x30ins.                                          

....the effects of a landscape on the spirit and the nature of an individual travelling through it fascinate me.


Oil Painting of Waterfall

Falls at Reekie Linn 24x30ins.                    Sold

Viewed from the rocks at the foot of these falls the scene is that of a superb and powerful primeval landscape. 


  Blue Castle - Broughty Castle

Broughty Ferry Castle  24x26ins.         Sold   

....As the sun rose above the low mist pictured in the painting, a fog bow formed behind me reflecting from the sunlit mist.


Thornton Farm  Fife - Oil on Canvas

Thornton Farm   8x10ins.  Oil on Canvas  

 This is the smaller of two studies I’ve done while working on the commission (shown above) from this spot.


Landscape with tree

The Wishing Tree  24x26ins.       Commission

The trunk of this tree was worn smooth from cattle rubbing against it over the years. It had great presence and grew from the uneven ground of an early settlement, the signs of which can still be seen although knowledge of its origins appear to be lost. The Ordnance Survey map shows nothing,


20090924-Commission  - Gorilla 7June 01, 2006-44-350x294

Commission - Oil rig “Gorilla 7”   22x26ins  

This was based on an earlier work of the Oil Rig Gorilla 7 leaving the Port of Dundee, Scotland several years ago and was commissioned by one of the engineers in the USA who worked on the rig’s construction


Human Presence

I try to suggest the presence of people or to imply the presence of the observer (you) in all my “uninhabited” landscapes. Sometimes though, there is a case for painting the human figure directly into the scene.


Glasgow Commission  30x36ins

 Urban landscape Commission

Paintings of Trees

Trees have a tremendous presence in the landscape. Some individual trees seem to have human characteristics and painting them is more like painting a portrait. Collectively, in woods or in a forest, trees have an massive effect on the perceived mood within a landscape.


As the Sunshine Flows Into Trees 14x16ins.                            Sold

Paintings of Rivers

Most landscapes doesn’t feel complete without some form of water. Landscape paintings are no different.  It’s in our nature to search it out. I always prefer painting near a stream or river.


Falls at Killin   20x24ins      Sold

Paintings of Mountains

Mountains have to be the most dominant feature in the landscape and in landscape art they appear with iconic status again and again. It’s impossible not to be drawn to their sheer presence. 


Mountain and Cloud 16x18ins  Sold




As the Sunshine flows into Trees 750
River Painting - Killin
Oil painting of mountain
Outdoor oil Painting of Angus Landscape and Sky near Coupar Angus, Angus, Scotland