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amazing painting   27 October 2012

Dear Ken,
I just want to say your paintings are amazing and an inspiration. Your air, water and fire in particular are simply breathtaking  and  I love the way you blend colours.

I started oil painting a year ago so a complete novice really (I’m in my late fifties). I love painting dramatic clouds/skies and seascape and will study your work closely, if I may.  I have a lot to learn!
Thank you very much for such wonderful artwork.

Best wishes from a new fan,

21st July 2012  Enjoyed Viewing Your Paintings This Morning 

Your work is wonderful and I relate to it so well. My paintings are on search Randy Burns paintings and on search rbpainter. The painting with the rainbow and the beach is incredible.

23rd June 2012

Dear Ken,
The paintings have just arrived and I'm so thrilled with them- they're absolutely beautiful and have such a great sense of depth and texture- thank you so much.
Kind regards

14th June 2012

Heya Ken!
I go to Biggar high, just outside Lanarkshire and I’m doing your Landscapes in art! Thanks for giving me something to give to my art teacher for homework, she loves them!
Roxy x

11th June 2012

Hello Ken,
I am a painter who has been working in technology for way too long and have recently sort of begun anew the path to exploring through art.  I like doing things from scratch, and I believe that the journey is way more important than the destination, so I was searching the web for articles on how to make my own paint brushes.  In doing so, I somehow found your page on painting outdoors.  What a pleasant surprise, a page that mentions two of my favorite passions, oil painting AND bicycling.  My favorite quote of all from you is this:  "There is no substitute for having faith in yourself, observing and experimenting."

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks.  What a great site and wonderful work!
Phil Baldyga
Indiana, USA

10th June 2012

oh my goodness, i love painting skies and you have inspired me to continue

Sarah Newman  Calgary, Canada

Inspiration    21st April 2012

I have just found your site and I must say I am very pleased I did.  I am a picture framer, who, when business is slow,
finds time to paint. I also travel abroad every month to Norway, so at the moment with summer approaching, the Norwegian hills calling
and the recession biting into my framing business, painting is coming to the fore!  I have always painted large
but year for the first time will be heading out with a pochard box (a present from my Wife, perhaps she is trying to tell me something?)

Having seen what you can do with small plein air sketches I feel I have something to aim at as the style of paintings you produce is very
akin to what I am aiming for.

Thanks for the inspiration!

14th April 2012

Many thanks Ken.
Painting has arrived safely and I love it.
In terms of framing I am presuming that it should not go under glass. Can you offer any tips?
Best wishes

10th April 2012
I must say that I feel inspired every time I visit your website.I have revisited it many times since I discovered it by accident once, searching for "dawns".
I am a painter in Calgary, Canada, and I feel the same way you do about the sky! It is my favourite subject, and I never tire of watching and painting it. Your work is lovely, and it is nice to see that someone else has this great love for what I love to do. We have absolutely stunning sky scape scenes here as well!

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Patricia Rawnsley

30th March 2012

Dear Ken,
I've just discovered your website, and did stick with the construction till the end!  I found it utterly fascinating and truly love your work!  Although I'm not as fond of Turner as most of my friends, I love working in transparent colours and this whole process of building up a work is still quite new to me as I paint much more directly.  However, you've motivated me to try your way now!
Kind regards,
Ritha Fenske, Durban, South Africa

14th Feb 2012

Hi Ken
I just have to say that I absolutely love your art.  I frequently take time out of my day to look at your work to find myself uplifted in spirit after thanks you for posting it and sharing it with us.

23rd Feb 2012

Dear ken,
I have just found your web site and it is absolutely fabulous.  I am a mature student in limerick College of Art and Design in second year painting and at the moment working on two projects. One is about the Limerick Hunt Museum, the other is our own personal project.  Mine is sunsets, and when researching artists who paint landscapes, I came across your web site.

I just wanted to let you know I’d found it and think it is beautiful and very user friendly.  I love your work, it is similar to my own taste in shades and colour and atmosphere.  One day I hope to have my own web site and put my painting on it.  But in the meantime, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I love your paintings.

Yvonne locke


22nd February 2012

Hi there,
I've just visited your website and I was so impressed by your style and use of colours, that I had to email you and say they are truly beautiful works of art.  As a 'hobby artist' I'm always on the lookout for inspiration, and new ways of painting to improve my dabbles with the brushes and acrylic paints - I can honestly say that you have inspired me today.  Thank you!
Best wishes for the future,

13th Feb, 2012  Painting to Australia.

Hi Ken,
My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I just wanted to confirm that the painting arrived ok.  My brother is very pleased and is going to get it framed asap.

Thanks for your help and the fantastic result, I will be sure to let my friends and family know should they be looking for any private commissions in the future.
Kind Regards

9th Feb 2012

For the last half an hour I have been looking at your website and have derived so much pleasure from doing so - your paintings are beautiful  and depict the beauty of the landscape  so admirably. If only I could paint like that!!  I recently  visited the RA to see the David Hockney paintings and didn't like them at all - your work is, in my opinion, infinitely superior and certainly more heartfelt.  Many thanks -it's a pity I am such a bad painter despite my years of hard labour!!!      

Yours Jeanne Englander.

4th Feb 2012

Just switched from watercolor to water based oils. My juices are flowing again, have you tried this medium. Thanks for sharing!

Have a great day...iPad Tom

3rd Feb 2012

I am having a class with you right now.

I have recently started painting in oils again, after not having painted for, oh, say, twenty years. I always loved it, dreamed of getting back to it, but the frustration of only being able to take it to a certain point held me back.
Just started a painting of a scene I really like, but I am starting a second canvas of it, to try starting it with more glazing techniques, hopefully to create more (yeah, any) luminosity.
I googled "painting sky oil", and got to your site, and am finding it immensely helpful.

So, I just wanted to thank you.
You are The Man of sky, I see that.


1st Feb 2012

Dear Ken,
The painting finally arrived and it is a perfect jewel! I absolutely love it and can't wait to get it framed and home. Thanks so much, and keep painting!
Patricia    USA

22nd Jan 2012

Dear Ken,
I look forward to your updates of your website as there is always something new and beautiful that catches my eye. One has to move fast, though, because they seem to sell very quickly! I have been looking at Dawn Study 6 for some time and think that I’d better grab it if it is still available.

I hope all is well with you. I still love my first painting of yours and am excited about adding another piece.
Best regards,
Patricia    USA

19th January 2012

Hi Ken just came across your website  your paintings are inspiring.

17th Jan 2012

Just to say, it is a real pleasure to look at your methods, materials and the way you construct your paintings, and there is nothing boring in the length of your description, explanation, and methods - it is most generous of you to share your methods of work and allow us to see your wonderful paintings .

I will be referring to your methods for help to expand my own knowledge which is still so far away from what I would like to achieve.

Thank you

17th Jan 2012

Dear Ken,
I absolutely love what and how you paint it! This is how  I see the world. I am glad I had found you on the Web.
Thank you very much. Have a wonderful 2012!

10th Jan. 2012

Hi Ken, just a few words to say how much I enjoy your work and your site. Being from Dundee, I recognise many of the locations in your work. Keep up the good work!

2nd Jan.  2012

Hello !
I´m María del Pilar, grandmother of 4 from Puerto Rico.
I love the way your art " talks " to my soul !!!!!!!!!!
have a wonderful year 2012

mararena-mares-mar-maría del pilar

22nd Dec. 2012

Dear Ken,
I love your work and your personal approach to painting, and I also really, really, love your rabbit!
Warm Wishes,
Magenta Wise

17th Dec 2011

Hi Ken,
I received the paintings today, thank you, they are beautiful and proudly displayed now.


13th Dec 2011
And right on cue, well at 7.15am, it arrived, and looks even better than in the picture on your website.  We'll just get it framed and will then send it on to my parents - they are going to love it.

Many thanks again, Ken.

8th Dec 2011

Firstly may I say how much I enjoyed viewing your online work.  It is obvious that you are extremely talented in many directions and have a great passion for the natural world around you and also the sea. I also appreciate the work that you have dedicated to your website as a showcase for your work I think its all very inspirational. I paint myself and have done for over 25 years on and off and for the past 3 years or so have had a bit of success in producing and selling paintings of local scenes in and around the Dundee/Broughty Ferry area. I found your site when I was looking for a half decent image of Broughty Castle to glean some ideas on a different approach to an oil painting I was working on from photos I had taken during the summer in evening twilight.
I also like the Gorilla Oil Rig painting at night I found that very impressive as I have done a few night scenes of the Tay and Bridges at night it’s amazing the effects you can achieve. I always find that we have a beautiful natural setting where we are situated the wonderful skies and the colours of the bridges WHEN THE LIGHT FALLS.
Look forward to hearing from you if you wish and I will continue to check out your website with interest
Kind Regards

1st Dec 2011

Just visited your website.  I really admire your paintings.  Music's loss was the art world's gain.
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas.
John Nelson


1st Nov 2011

Hi Ken,
The painting arrived and I love it – even more in person than online!!!  Why does it work that way that the web just can’t capture how great they are…the nuances of colors, the sense of distance…amazing…..

Now framing this one will be a different sort of challenge…lots of lighter colors…but that will be fun too.
Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to take it to the framers…I rolled it back up and put it back in the tube for now – that seems to be the safest place for it.

What kind of cotton is that?  Do you prime it with gesso?  I don’t think I’ve seen that weight of cotton here in the states….

Excited….My Best!
Ann   USA

28th Oct 2011

Ken I got it-- it and the sketch are GREAT!  Thanks.


12th Sept 2011

the luminous quality of your work is stunning, love your "fair, frail palaces" . . .

Kelly M.

Out there is a chaos of energy soup and energy fields.
Literally, we take that and somewhere inside ourselves
we create a world, somewhere inside ourselves it all happens.”
Sir John Eccles, Nobel Prize, Physiology


5th Sept 2011

Hi Ken:

I came across your artwork on Google. Very nice stuff. Keep it up!

Tom Blazier

5th July 2011

Dear Ken,
I just came upon your web site and had to comment on your work. Very beautiful!
Love your colors. And the fact you have a rabbit is also quite nice.
All Best,
Parnilla Carpenter

31st May 2011

Dear Ken,
I have enjoyed reading and looking at your website and so appreciate all of the images and information that you have included.  Thank you!  Your work is lovely and shows not only your remarkable skill but also your love for the land.  I teach drawing in oil pastel and oil paint stick to adults and will share your thoughts on drawing outside with my students.  As beginning and intermediate students, they often want to know a formula (how do you draw a tree?) and are disappointed when I have none to offer. 

I will look forward to visiting your site again.  Perhaps one day I will see one of your paintings or your landscape in person!

Many thanks,

19th May 2011

I have received the paintings and they are really very beautiful and I am sure Daniel will really love them, I cannot wait to give them to him on his birthday. I will let you know how he reacts and what he thinks.

They are very atmospheric and emotive they have a kind of intense daydream quality, which I really love.
Thank you so very much, I am thrilled to have been able to buy the paintings.
Kind Regards

2nd May 2011

Dear Ken,
today we have got our new paintigs from you. They are very nice!
Thank you for your art!
Best regards,
Milos, Prague, Czech Republic

26th April 2011

Hello Ken - I've been doing some free form searching on the net...searching for a piece for a new place I am moving to.  It's a bit of a new start.  In particular I was hoping I might find a piece that pulled me in. 
My intentions are twofold - one, to find something that brings me joy and two, a piece that tugs at my heartstrings as I want to find a remembrance of some loved ones since past.  Your portrayals of nature captured all the emotions of the past and present and the possible. - a certain kind of music.  I just want to thank you because several of the pieces really moved me.

21st April 2011

Dear Ken,  Have recently been looking at your wonderful Sky paintings
on your Web site.  I'm a 79 yr old, very amateur painter in Pastels
living in Galashiels.  If and when I occasionally sell a painting it
is purely to recover the cost of framing.
I'm wondering if you would be so kind as to give me your permission to
use some of your skies, not to slavishly copy, but as a basis for my
paintings.  My main interest in painting is in the skies and some of
yours are the finest examples I have been able to find.   Should you
wish to withhold your permission I shall quite understand and respect
that.  Thanks again for a wonderful site. 
Best wishes, Tony, Galashiels

2nd April 2011

Terrific stuff.  I was shocked when reading the size of these paintings
I do large scale cloud paintings (4ft x 4ft) in oil but nothing compared to your work.  But an inspiration all the same
Great Stuff
Toronto Canada


20th March 2011

I’m looking forward to viewing all the paintings on your site, but especially like the skies. Just beautiful!!
Skies are one of my favorite subjects also, but I paint with pastels.  I’ve really enjoyed your work.  You have a wonderful grasp of light.


Regina Calton Burchett
Austin Texas

20th Feb 2011

I am writing to say thank you for sharing your extraordinary paintings with the public at large and discussing your techniques, journals, processes etc.

I actually came across your website while looking at some paintings online of Joseph Turner who is at the top of my list.
I am a hobbyist painter (at best!) and sky, weather, transition of time and it's effect on the landscape around me are what I am drawn to and so, naturally I was quite taken with your work.

Thank you again for your generosity Mr. Bushe.
Margaret Whealdon

8th Feb 2011

Dear Mr Bushe
Our Primary 2 and Primary 3 class have just completed their latest art project.  They took their inspiration from one of your sunset paintings and we wanted to thank you. 
I have attached 3 samples of the class’s work.  The project was enjoyed by both staff and pupils.  From a teachers point of view it is very rewarding and encouraging to see pupils taking such an interest in their work.
Thank you again for your inspiration.
Yours sincerely
Mrs A. M.  Primary 2 and 3 Teacher

Ballymena, Northern Ireland

8th Feb 2011

it's quite late and i have been struggling with some sky problems. your  site was so helpfull. thanx for taking time to share. your work is...  what shall i say??
sleepless in chicago. the snow is quite piled up here as perhaps you  have read. albeit the winter sky and falling flakes lends a bit of  relief from the muted sky colors.


Chicago USA

25th Jan 2011
Hi Ken--
The painting finally arrived this week--it must have been slowed down in customs.
I'm so happy with it.  Truly, it is going to be a joy for a lifetime.
How interesting that an intimate window has such a vast impact.  One might suppose that to communicate a deep-breath kind of landscape experience, a canvas would have to be physically large, encompassing peripheral vision.  This vast image proves that untrue; a huge space isn't dependant upon large canvas dimensions.
Thanks again--I'll be continuing to visit your site.
All the best to you and those fortunate ones who discover your inspiring work.
Elaine Davidson, USA

11th January 2011

"September" arrived before 9am today, safe in her cosy packaging.  We both love her. Thank you so much.

Bristol,  UK

25th December 2010
Hi Ken,
Opened it last night with relatives here, stapled it up on the wall in the art studio, and we all just stared at it amazed.
I can’t pick an area that is my favorite because I have too many…those yellow streaks of light, those deep purple/blue/orange areas, the ground (and you said the ground is ususally not interesting….in this one it is…).

Don’t you miss it?

I couldn’t be happier – but I almost feel guilty having such a wonderful piece in my house!
Some day you paintings will be in museums, I am sure.

Thank you so much –
My Best,
p.s.  I’ll let you know how the framing goes with this one…

Virginia, USA

24th November 2010

Hi name is Joan Patterson,  I live in Jupiter, Florida, but was born in Maryhill, Glasgow.
 I came across your website whilst doing a search on "obtaining transparency in oil painting" :)  Your paintings are extremely  powerful, and beautiful !
 I am a glass/copper artist, but took a painting class for fun a few years ago, and found I could paint, so I am now moving in that extremely frustrating, sometimes rewarding  direction.  After reading your information on Old Holland paints,  I am thinking of taking the plunge :)
Thanks again for your informative,  beautiful site.

Florida, USA

6th November

Hello Ken,
I just came across your skies and clouds, fantastic! I am beginning to paint again after a 36 year layoff. I live in New Mexico, USA, where the landscape is old and nearly changeless but the skies are much like your own. To capture a spectacular moment in the sky is to me the most important part of a landscape work. And as that moment passes, another one, totally different but equally spectacular, arrives. Your work takes the viewer right to the moment.

Keep up the excellent work!

New Mexico USA

30 October

Just found your site via PainterOnline. What a great site. Love your work AND your humour

Regards Paul Knight


23rd September


Hi Ken
Just found your work on the internet...
It's lovely...makes me want to find more time to paint......

25th July

Ken, I have always liked your work.. it has such emotional power... just terrific.. very inspiring!

jack D

13th July

 Bonjour Ken,

Each time I visit your website, I feel the same  magic doing its thing.  It is not the first time, I was intoduced to  your painting by a friend, who is also a blogger on Multiply a few  months ago. So you see, I'm back. And this time, figured how to write on your guestbook!
You are a great inspiration as I made my first  paintings of landscapes and sky thanks to you.
I visited also the  Taymara website and thought 'No wonder his paintings are so special' ;-D but that's only because I'm jealous. Sometimes the sky in Paris can be  pretty impressive but not as much as it looks above the Tay river.
Thank you again for sharing your experience.

Aggie, just another  painter.

Paris, France

20th May    - Your amazing work

Hi Ken – I accidentally came across your website whilst looking for clouds.  When your first painting popped up I actually gasped I was so taken by it.  As I scrolled down the page the paintings got better and better.  The energy and movement and earthy wonderful colors of nature take my breath away.  There is something so spiritual in your art – no doubt about it.  I also enjoy your sense of humor and love your cute little rabbit friend.  I love to paint and I’ve been using acrylics – one day I will try oils.  I have had about as much luck re-creating your paintings as I have with Monet and Van Gogh – but I am convinced, that if I keep on trying, one day I will get it right.  In the meantime, I’m having a wonderful time playing with colors and textures.  I also enjoy making mud pies!  Keep on painting – spread the joy. 

Best wishes, Kerry Cook
– U.K. citizen living in South Carolina – longing to live in Ireland for a bit.

1st May

Dear Ken,
your painting arrived yesterday - just in-time, because this way it can be a gift for birtday of my wife, which takes place today. Painting is very nice, thank you oncemore!
Best regards

Prague, Czech Republic


18th April 2010

I saw your work on the net.  I am only 'a part time painter of landscapes - skies.  I just wanted to say I like your work a lot!  Come and say hi when in South Africa

South Africa


16th April 2010

Discovered your work while browsing for picture of trees, I’m a tree lover and your artwork is stunning. As I browsed through the rest of your work I was reminded of Monet…..your work takes my breath away. Praise God for the gift and talent He has given you!


California USA

Wed 31st March 2010
Hi Ken,
I came upon your website while googling for glazing and other techniques. Pretty great and inspiring, thanks very much for the truly helpful information. Love your work.
Regards from Cape Town.

Fri 29/01/2010

Haven't visited in awhile and ..WOW
I wish you lived in Canada so we could have you in our gallery. But then again maybe not--your work wouldn't be--you!
I am especially intrigued by your moon studies...
Take care,

Jan Yates, SCA
visual artist
'I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own."~Andy Warhol

Sun 24/01/2010


Wonderful painting of October Sunset on your just-updated site = seems to generate its own light. Yours, Robert Jones

Wed 20/01/2010

Hello Ken,
I just came across your website and thoroughly enjoyed reading your oil methods and taking in some of your wonderful art. Thank you for sharing! I had the privilege of visiting your glorious country in June of 2009 (a dream come true as I have ancestral roots there) and your paintings have reminded me of the land and sky as I saw it there and and as I see it in my heart.
Blessings from an artist in the United States who wishes to become an expert on transparency!
Shaila Tenorio

Mon 18/01/2010

Hi, I love your artwork and you are a true inspiration. I was hoping you could help me with my A level art. I have chosen you for one of my artist references and was wondering if you could please answer these questions: “Mountain and Cloud– Glencoe” and “Cloud Composition 3”, what were you intending? Why do you like painting landscapes so much? Have you always painted landscapes? These answers would really help if you could email me back as soon as possible I would really appreciate it.
thank you Antonia

Fri 15/01/2010  


Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your website and your amazing work. I am a painter in my spare time and found your sky and landscaping paintings inspiring....JMW Turner would be proud. Thanks for sharing your works with the world through the web (although I think you are undercharging for them!). Keep up the great work. Regards, Adam V.

Fri 01/01/2010

Hi Ken,

I'm a landscape/figurative painter living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, usa.
I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed looking at your work. I attended the Heatherley Art School in London a thousand years ago.
I will get back to you sometime when I have more time.
Have a great new year!

David Raven
St. Paul, Minnesota

Кристина Шкуринская 

19 November 2009

Hello Ken,

I have accidentally come across your website. What a pleasure to meet an artist who seems to be inspired by the same feelings ! Your works are wonderful! I am an artist from Saint-Petersburg (Russia). A couple of years ago I visited Tate Gallery in London to see Turner(another "close soul of mine").

Thank you very much for the happiness that your  art brought to me.

 Best wishes,

 Kristina Shkurinskaya.

Sun 04/10/2009

your art work

Your art work is amazing! I had googled "sunset" and up you came. I wish I could fill my house with your work - it speaks to me with joy. I was so inspired by it that I set up my daughter's easel on the kitchen out her old paints/brushes and for the very 1st time in my life (63 yrs) I set about painting a sunrise over the ocean. Obviously it doesn't begin to compare with yours....but I have experienced joy in creating it and will hang it in my home proudly. Some day I hope to have one of yours by its side....a reminder of the AHA moment I received just looking at your website.

Thank you for your marvelous work and I wish you continued inspiration to continue. God is definitely guiding your hand.

My very best, Jan Hall

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


You’ve got to paint that bird – he deserves to be immortalized; I’ll swear he’s posing for you in one of those shots…. The one where he’s crouching in a balletic posture…

Yours (oh ah: more great work on your site, by the way!)

Robert Jones

Tuesday 25th August 2009

greetings, i do watercolor and was snooping the internet for sketches in oil, i must say, your work is superb! my compliments!

Katherine L Wright

Artist & Architectural Illustrator

Host and Guide to Southern Italy Adventure Puglia


Saturday 15th August 2009

Beautiful, just beautiful..... a pleasure to have found your website. M

Marie Fullerton

Fri 26/06/2009 Thanks, your website has given me hope and inspiration....

I studied Fine Art at Hull in the early 80s and went into teaching. I have painted ever since but work and life gets in the way. I have done commissions and have sold quite a few paintings over the years, but now want to try and make serious money out of it so I can try and paint full-time. I like my job but it drains me creatively...I set myself a goal of completing 10 ink / watercolour pieces I could print and frame up and sell and have done 5 so far, I have also realised a lot of the photos and paintings I do make good cards so have been using the pc to create these. Partner said he would sell the work if I framed them up. I then thought about setting up a website.....that's when I saw yours.....

Now, I realise I am concentrating too much on trying to create work to sell and I need to paint what I am inspired to paint, then upload the images onto a site and see if they other words I have been coming at it from the wrong angle.

Thanks and I love your work.

Jan Richards

(Hospital Teacher)


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Dear Ken
Just a quick note of appreciation – here are some of us fiddling around with “scenes”, and you indicate the land masses  with just a few strokes of colour and show us where the life really is, ie in the skies and clouds above: looking back over my own stuff, I realize how often I’ve used the sky as a mere “background”, when actually it informs everything. 
Not only are you an inspiration, you also cheer me up – very important when you’re full of sodding arthritis and still trying to paint. 

Enjoyed fishing for rabbit, too.  This is obviously how I should enliven my own website: get another pet rat and encourage him to perform for the camera.  Although – I think my choice of animal companion arouses a touch more hostility than yours.  Can’t think why…

I enjoyed the stand of birches, as well as the cloud paintings – keep posting on that website, I suspect an awful lot of us derive pleasure from it, not to mention ideas.  Not stealing yours, mind; honest.  (Only because I couldn’t.)
Best wishes,
Robert Jones

Wed 10/06/2009 01:51

Hi Ken, was looking for contemporary landscapes for ideas for art class and came across your site...just LOVE your skies...they're breathtaking...some even resemble Texas sunsets...keep up the good work,


Wed 29/04/2009

Dear Ken,
Your website is one of my very favorite places to escape while at I am planted at my desk job all day long. I dream about painting landscapes one day. I also enjoy reading and learning from your methods. You are generous to share your thoughts with the world.
And I secretly (well, not for long) want to kiss that bunny.
If you ever come to Florida, I know some great places that need to be painted!

Best wishes, Linda

Senior Art Director, Design Studio, Y P A R T N E R S H I P,  Orlando

Fri 03/04/2009

Just to say a Quick Thankyou for the "very funny" information about painting out doors, I am a full
 time artist and am about to start painting out doors for a few months, trying to drum up some
local interest before my exhibition, anyway just had to say thanks for making me laugh.
Cheers / Keith Proctor

Thu 02/04/2009        I love your rabbit

Dear Ken
I am a printmaker/painter living and working in North Wales.  I came across your wonderful website while researching quote you back to yourself...technique gives an artist the means to communicate their vision in a way that suits the subject and the specific moment. 
Without this facility, an artist is mute.
I know technique is not all but it helps.
Your knowledge generosity has helped me to de mute myself and brought 
a smile to my face, thank you

kind regards
Sue Corr

Sat 28/03/2009

Hello Ken,
After reading through virtually your entire website, I will add my accolades to your vast collection. Your work is lovely, poignant, and ever so appealing.
I have been an artist for twenty-five years, passing through several incarnations before the muse slammed me down in front of a canvas and handed me the brushes for the oil paints four months ago. "What are we going to do?," I asked. "Landscapes," came the answer.
Okay. Let's go!
As I am primarily self-taught in almost any endeavor, lately I've been reading books like Carlson's guide to Landscape Painting, Richard Schmid's
Alla Prima and several by Kevin Macpherson. I try to paint every day, experimenting with all the information I pick up from these sources and the internet. Thank you for being so generous. It embarrasses me to impose on you further but a friend suggested that I learn from the best and your work touches me deeply.
My biggest bugaboo right now is trying to capture sunset colors. Ken, I can't find them! What do I mix together to get that neon salmon/pink? What combination will make that rosy gold shimmer on the ocean? The paintings are too pale and the blue-grays are off.
There is a beautiful glow you achieved in "Sunset High Wind", just one example. That's what I'm looking for.
I'd appreciate any help you have the time and desire to offer.
Most sincerely,
Jeanne Jackson
Manhattan Beach, California

Thu 05/03/2009

Hi Ken,

I emailed you a few years back the morning after my first solo exhibition. I seem to come back to your site from time to time, I really enjoy looking at your work and you’ve made your website very interesting, its like walking around a really characterful bookshop with lots of nooks and crannys.

Your work speaks so loudly for itself, it is so strong and true, I am a big fan of your paintings.

I spent years worrying about my style and my voice and then I just got fed up worrying about it and just got on with it. My experience tells me if you spend enough time painting your voice will find you.

Every time I come to work on a group of paintings (I’m on the homeward straight for a show at the end of March) it feels like everything is fresh again. The more experience I get in creating paintings the more I enjoy it, I can let go in the moment much more now and trust that something will arrive if I give it space and time.

Just felt prompted to say hi and thanks for your generosity in sharing so much on your site. The Head of Painting at the college I studied was like you, he was so open and generous in his experience and knowledge and so many have benefited.

So thank you and well done, your work is truly beautiful,

All the best

Caoimh O’Broin


18 February 2009


The painting arrived this morning, its fantastic! I'll be sure to pass on your details and website to my friend in case she wants to buy any more of your work!

Thank you very much and best wishes



Fri 13/02/2009

Dear Ken,

Many thanks for your response. Last November I did have an exhibition in India which was a great experience hope to have another one sometime this year. Hope you will have a great 2009.




14 January 2009

Hi Ken,

I am not one for many words, but your work takes my breath away.


Jan Yates, SCA
visual artist

'Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye.. it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.' Edvard Munch


Tue 13/01/2009 - web site


stumbled on your web site by accident- what a find- great inspiration for a struggling all of your work and what an entertaining site to read. Just wanted to say thank you really!

Regards Maureen Roper

Tue 06/01/2009  - website

hi there

i came across your homepage and just wanted to let you know that i really like your work! i'm a painter as well, you can have a look on if you're interested. i'm working on a commission i.e. scenes for the illumination of the nuremberg castle having the motto "sky/space" thats how i came across your site. just yesterday i bought a constable book .. i paint on the spot as well.

take care and happy new year from germany ..



Fri 02/01/2009 - Fabulous paintings!


The paintings are really fabulous. I am interested in painting and I do a bit painting in my leisure time.

Please let me know if there are any coaching classes for the same in INDIA. I would be glad to attend painting classes.

Thanks & Regards,


Infosys Technologies Ltd



Wed 10/12/2008 - FOOTBALL VS. SKIES

Good morning from California, Ken.

What a pleasure to wake up to your site as I am doing some early morning research on oil painting skies. But I got so pleasantly distracted from the photo of your early morning rising that I lost my focus and just laughed. And as if the photo weren't enough you said you hate football ... or something to that effect. Now you are speaking honestly for most artists that I know.

Back to original intent: I have to whip out a painting for a Christmas present. I have
been an illustrator for years but as the Internet would have it, it almost killed off our business and now my fellow illustrators are transitioning into fine art.

So here's my question plain and simple: Do you think you can get as much depth in skies ala prima painting or do you feel glazes are required?? I have been a watercolorist
for years, but I too and going back to oils.

Your work is gorgeous and if time permits, it would be nice to hear back from you if ever so briefly.

Thanks and so glad I found your beautiful site.



Fri 28/11/2008 - finest


these are the finest landscapes I have ever seen!!! Magnificent!!!

Graeme Sims


Tue 04/11/2008 - Enjoyed your website


I Googled oil paintings of sunsets and your site was one of the first to come up. I have been to Scotland only once in 1982. Of course I loved it! Your work is beautiful with all the moodiness of Scottish weather, I am a big fan of Turner as well. I totally enjoyed reading about your paintings and about your experiences painting outdoors, I am in North Carolina and outdoor painting can be a challenge here, but I can imagine the weather there is a bit more so, but can relate to things being blown away!

Keep up the great work!

Cheryl Keefer


27/10/2008 - Sunshine


We've just bought your Sunshine of the Light of Letters - what can I say.................absolutely worth all those months of admiration through the Sun Gallery's window.

Life's too's beautiful and we love it!

Thank you

Gail Cain

05/09/2008 11:40 - Thank you

Am an artist, from Pakistan, still struggling to reach the clouds on my own, in the meantime love and admire your clouds. Thank you for sharing this wonderful ,peaceful message with all of us. The world needs artists like you.

Thank you,



Wed 03/09/2008  - Finished vs. rough paintings

Hello Ken.

I love your work -- and your website. As a new painter, I've learnt a lot just browsing through it.

I like your finished work, but some of your studies are very strong by themselves. For example, "Field and Sky Study - Angus." The rough strokes of layered colors -- done with a knife? -- have so much energy and vitality! I realize they're a little more abstract than most of your paintings, but I can still figure out what's what. Have you ever thought of doing more of this type of work? And do you have a special technique or approach to get an effect like you achieved in the painting I mentioned? Have you seen any of the paintings of Anne Stahl?

Robert Ross


Tue 29/07/2008 - hello from artist on  island in Maine, New England

Hello Dear Person,
I enjoy your website immensely.
THANK you for all the effort put into it.
I am off to do a cloud painting this my studio.
My own website is
I would love to return to Arisaig where I was, back in 1997, in order to paint the fabulous area there. I was on vacation then, and carried no art supplies. Maybe some day we can go out painting together.
Twenty years ago I had lots of energy,painting outdoors in howling winds with the canvases lashed to trees. I painted under the most arduous conditions, and would not even dream of painting indoors.
I have never been able to do "small" makes me kind of nervous and anxious and the painting falls flat.
Thanks to your website, I am going to TRY to scale down, starting today!
I will email you my first "cloud" painting if I hear back from you.
Kindest Regards,
Lavendier Myers


Sat 19/04/2008

Just discovered your web site, excelent explanations that even I can understand !
Will you please help me out as I am struggling to paint a reasonable weeping willow in oil.
Cannot even find a picture on the internet to give me a real chance to produce one.
Kind regards,
ian hayden MBE


Hi Ian, I'm afraid I don't have any particular methods that would help you by themselves. The best solution of all would be to find one, sketch it, photograph it if you want, or better still, paint it on the spot - preferably all three. In my opinion, to make a convincing painting, your eye needs the kind of information that only observation can really provide. Hope I haven't put you off. Best wishes, Ken

Dear Ken,  I am sorry it took a few days to e-mail you about the painting's arrival.

It got here safely and is absolutely beautiful.  The glow of the sunlight in the painting is riveting and is what caught my eye with this as well as your other paintings.  Thank you and good luck with all your future endeavors!!


Friday 14/03/08 - Paintings

I just wanted to leave a message saying that i think that you are fantastic for being a practicing artist that is willing to share your knowledge of painting with others. We could do with more of your ilk. I came across your site whilst looking for contemporary landscape artists. I think that your paintings, especially in the group "earth" are amazing, and have given me the inspiration to try using coloured glazes in my paintings.



Wednesday 12/03/08


my name is rosie watling and i am a upper sixth student at the ursuline college in kent. for my A2 exam i have chosen to study clouds.
i happened to look at you work by searching artists painting clouds into google and your work struck me as being beautiful.
i would love it if you could give me any information on your paintings so i can quote you in my exam work. this would be such a great help.
i am also going to include work by more publically known artists, such as turner and constable, but i also have another artist that is a family friend that i am going to include as i think that having a varying range of artists is key to developing my own work.
any other information of artists would be much appriciated.

thank you

rosie watling

Tuesday 4/03/2008

Dear Ken Bushe

Need something beautiful to look at & found your paintings.

My good friend Hazel painted until her eyesight worsened. She gets around by electic wheelchair & it's not easy to get to the Art galleries in Newcastle. When I passed on your web site to her she can see beautiful art & take time studying your techinques.

I thank you for sharing this wonderful talent with us. Best wishes for your future success,



Friday 29/02/2008

Hello Ken,

I have been searching for a link artist for my A level art exam on the internet this morning, and after a while of searching I came across a link to your website. I have been blown away with the stunning pictures that are featured on your website, and I just felt that I should inform you of how amazing your art work is.
Thank you for producing work like this, it is just what I need to give me inspiration for the colours and textures I can use in my work.
Thank you again and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

kind regards,

Kristina Parry

Tuesday, 19/02/2008   Your work

Dear Ken, I have just come across your work by searching under "Seascape Artists". What a very impressive and varied artist you are. I am just an amatuer, like so many and have recently turned my hand to watercolours again after an absence of some 10 years.

The last time an artist impressed me so much was when I was a young boy on a school trip to see the John Moores Exhibition at the Tate Gallery in Liverpool. The winner had completed a large work entitled "John Getting In the Swimming Pool"...I think it was the title. I could have purchased the painting for about £250 as I recall. More than my pocket money for a few years...

The artist was.....David Hockney!

So keep up the good work and I sincerely hope that you are in increasing demand in the future. I am sending the web details to a few friends in London who appreciate quality so I hope that more sales result.

Best Wishes,

John Riding

Sat 16/02/2008  absolutely love your work!

Hi Ken, I was tooling around the net looking for 'sky paintings' and came across your work...I absolutely love your work! Please stop by my website and check out my landscapes/sky paintings in my 'landscape and architecture collection'

Hope to keep up a dialogue with you.   Sincerely, Melinda

Fri 15/02/2008   Greetings from Naples

..Idaho, not Italy.

I was flipping through my copy of J.M.W. Turner, 'A Wonderful Range of Mind' hoping for inspiration and searching the web when I stumbled upon your amazing site. I'm very glad to know of your work. Put me down as a big fan.    Yours,   Bob

Wed 13/02/2008 - Hi from Norway

Hi, Ken Bushe !

I just surfed around the world to find out how to paint outdoors, as I have just pickt up my pallet and canvas after 30 years. I found out that I had to do something to cheer me up, as I work as a undertaker, which is not very funny! I want to paint outdoors in a contemporary impressionist way…..knowing that I am not scared of the canvas ore the oilpaint!

I am an amature with a lot of confidence, which I maybe should not be…but I have skills, but I know my limits…but belive in developing “as I walk on the road”!  I sound a bitt over the top of confidence…well, entusiatic is the word…I will try to read and reread you homepage….

What I am looking for is equipment fore going out…I have for the moment no equipments for painting outdoors! I am looking for a box oilpainters box where I can keep all I need fore a nice day outside to paint….Do you know of any shop who make ore where I can buy a smart outdoor kitt fore this…please help me to find a shop..

By the way I love Scotland and Scottish catles like the one you painted Ballinbreich Castle. Funny, I am a member of The St Adrew Society ( the Flagg of Scotland

Sincerely   Roy Lindquist.

Sun 10/02/2008 - Your Website

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your website, and how I nearly fell off my chair laughing at your "outdoors" page, you have a great sense of humour.

Also, I really admire the fact that you have managed to establish yourself via a webiste. I have had one for ages, but not sold anything from it despite selling hundreds of prints worldwide and masses of work thro galleries at one point. I have decided I loathe the vast majority of gallery owners. I find it really tricky these days to celebrate my life as a painter...constantly feeling the need to change the way I work in order to be less conventional - and therefore appeal more! Still, that is not your problem, I just wanted to say well done you. Jackie

Mon 28/01/2008  - Compliment

Hi from Charlotte, NC.  I just wanted to say how much I appreciated  your website and the wonderful pictures of the trees.  You are a very gifted person! 
 I'm an amateur artist - well, have sold a couple - and done a few trees also.
But you are in another league.  Thank you for sharing!

Sun 27/01/2008   - Dana on the Gulf Coast of Mississipi...Re: Art

Hi.. Mr. Bushe.... My name is Dana Bordelon and I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA ...originally from New Orleans. This is my 24 year teaching art.. and still enjoy it... so it must be a good professional fit. ... Lately as an artist however, my work has taken on a new direction....I am much more involved in my work for what it is revealing to me than ever before.  Living on the Coast (any coast I'm sure) one is much more aware of the diversity, change and extremes that exist in life, revealed through our natural world ... frequently its simutaneous.   I can see that awareness in your work.  Its wonderful to be able to reach around the world and connect with someone.  Its been my pleasure to have a glimpse at your work.  Take Care....

Wed 23/01/2008 20:39   - Art Gcse

Dear Mr Bushe
Hi I am Simon Bell and I am currently doing a GCSE art exam and am basing it on barriers in the landscape. I particularly like your style of oil painting and would like to include you in a sketchbook of artists. I would like to ask you the artist if you think you have any work that could be interpreted as a barrier, it would be a big bonus if you have. If you do could you give me a link to it or attach it to an email it wold be a massive help. I very much like your website and found it extremely interesting. I am glad I have found your website because the reference material I have from the exam board is limited only containing old artists from the past, and think it is a god send to actually be able to talk to the artist directly. Thank you for taking the time to read this and apologise for any inconvenience I may have caused.
Simon Bell

Tue 08/01/2008 18:18 - Painting

Dear Ken
Many thanks for the painting which arrived at 10.20 a.m. this morning -Tues.- I hardly dared hope it would come so quickly. We are very pleased with it, I have been in and out all day and the painting changes with the light, I love the depth in the cloud. Thrilled to own a "Ken Bushe"!
Best wishes


Sun 02/12/2007  - your artwork on oils.

After reading most of what you have writen about oils i can only thank you as i am a 1st timer and being colourbling i find it hard to build pictures up from scratch.but after reading how you do it and not being overwelmed to much by to many types of colours and mixing but still getting the results i wanted ..the scetching come natral to me and woundering were to start and how to build up the picture i can only say thank very much Mr bushe.


Drawing and sketching is the foundation of a visual artist’s work, tunesboy. Drawing forms the skeleton of a painting that the colours can sit on, it trains the eye so that you can see rhythm, harmonies, relationships and it’s the basis of good composition too. Stick in there, I knew a guy at Art College in Edinburgh who was colour blind and he did really well for himself.

Keep drawing.

26th Oct.  - Found your site by searching Yahoo Images for 'reflections.' Beautiful work.  - Kind regards, Sherry Miller, Northern California

26th Sept.

Dear Ken,
The painting arrived this morning. I love it! I'm really impressed by the craftsmanship. Plus, I can see the colours you used written on the back so it's taught me something!
I will keep an eye on your website. All the best for your painting
Thank you sincerely,


Oh Rachel, ..... I’ve got to write the colours on the back. If I need it to dry before working on it again, by this time I can’t remember what I used. Were it not for this I could have had a well paying job in the City or maybe been a Pilot

Best Wishes and thanks again!

23rd Sept.

Dear Mr. Bushe,

I live in New England and have, ever since I was a child, loved being in the woods. Being solitary and quiet. Each and every time I'm able to get away by myself it is always the same. I want to pull my surroundings into myself and keep it there. I love the smells, the sounds, the sights, every bit of it. To the point...your paintings of the rivers have captured the woods as I love them. "River Landscape" is one where I can actually imagine being on the bank of that stream. I've bookmarked your site and will return to it often.

With Kind Regards, Deb

21st Sept. Dear Ken
Just wanted to say that I love your work. Will bookmark the site, and when I have some more money will buy one of your cloud paintings.

David Woodford, Warwick Queensland.

Good day to you,
I love your art work, but I am a beginner and trying desperately to do water drops on a flower petal.  I have searched to find a simple but good tutorial to explain how to do this, and wonder whether you would be kind enough to assist.
Kind regards
Jaye Hubbard


Hello Jaye,My own feelings are that no-one can (or should) tell you how to paint like this. Trust your own eyes and powers of observation. Get real flowers, sprinkle water on them if this is your subject, don’t panic, spend as long looking as you feel you need to and then start to paint what you see. (Trust your senses too). It’ll work.

/Good luck, Ken

15th Sept 2007

Hiya, my names Zoe Spurr and ive just started my second year at Stratford college doing Fine Art.  My lecturer found your work and recommended you to us, and I loved your work! 
I was wondering if you could help me with a few things for my coursework? I really want to know how you start a painting, do you sketch it first? And how long does it take you to complete an average painting?
Thankyou for your wonderful work!
from Zoe

14thSept. 2007

Dear Ken Bushe
When I first got onto the www I found this painting of yours somewhere – no name or title attached – but just loved it so much I copied it onto my laptop and have looked at it forever since. It gives me so much joy.
And now this morning was checking out a site from a link from and friend’s work and there you are – and more and more and more of your wonderful works.Just wanted to let you know how much joy your gift has given me.Have a good day

Thank you Angie Franke

Hello Ken
I have been browsing your site for a few months, your work is inspirational, if only I could....... but I keep trying.
I just came across the Fall of Dochart at Killin - it captures the power of the water wonderfully. We went there fortytwo years ago! on our honeymoon. In those days one had to go up to the clan chief's house to get the key to the burial ground. The door was opened by his wife who told us Himself was in bed but when she found our name was McNab she showed us some clan memorabilia and had us sign the visitors book. We were thrilled. Sorry to hear about the spammers, small people.
Best wishes Judith

Thanks for your web site, everything you wrote was incredibly helpful. I was not bored at all but I also really enjoyed your picture of your rabbit. I think I found your web site through looking at Michael Harding's web site. I have just started using only his paints. What a difference, another world.

Thanks again. Pat Leyshon

Reply/Dear Pat, Thanks a lot for this. My rabbit went where all good rabbits go many years ago now, but my next door neighbours have a wee beauty in a hutch outside so can I spoil her with lettuce and a few raisins. Good paint is a revelation isn't it? Especially when you try to really push it - and it works!!!

Hi Ken! 
Stumbled on your site tonight, while googling "fire paintings" I am an artist in Canada and am involved with an exhibit this month, the theme being fire...I was looking for inspiration and found you...very nice.  Sad to hear about your inability to sustain a relationship with the caterpillar...bugs are too fickle anyways...better to stick with dogs...
Take care and please, keep painting!
Alix McLachlan

30th July 2007
Hi Mr. Bushe -
I stumbled on your website looking for inspiration while painting a 
grapefruit tree in my backyard that has an orchid hanging from it.   
I am in the middle of it and am somewhat stumped of where to go next with shadows etc.  Your trees
are amazing, as is the rest of your work.  Oil painting is a fun escape from raising my busy little
kids.  Today though, it has me a bit frustrated because I'm not sure where the painting should go. 
Anyway, thanks for sharing your beautiful work.
Caroline in Florida

Reply/Thanks very much for this and for getting in touch.
If a painting doesn't have you stumped in the middle you're probably just repeating what you already know. The best ones usually have a fight somewhere under the top layer - especially oil paintings.
You gave me the incentive to make a new guestbook and upload it to the website - I'd just about given up from all the spam that floods into the normal kind of guestbook but I'm keeping it simple and just cutting/pasting e-mails onto a normal page now.
Anyway - thanks for this also.
Get back into that painting and give it a fright from me!!!!
Every best wish,

5th July 2007
Hello Ken
Your paintings are very beautiful and evoke a deeply spiritual sense. I am putting together a small
multimedia presentation on Rivers as a spiritual metaphor and would love to show your painting (the
one from the den of Alyth). I will include your name and url in the presentation, and no printed
copies of the painting will be distributed.  I will be presenting this at a Methodist church near
my home in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. May I have your permission to do so? I promise to be very
respectful of your rights as the artist.
Melissa T

12th July 2007
Really like the Mountian and Cloud.  WEll done.
Alice Helwig

5th July 2007
Hello Ken
Just a quick line to say hello!
I was on the internet trying to find a name for one of my paintings. I typed in ‘Orange oil

paintings’ and found your website.
Well done your work is beautiful.  And very evocative of the Scottish seascapes.
I still haven’t been inspired to find a name for my painting but I have discovered lots of

interesting art!
Keep up the excellent work.
Best wishes

12th June
Hi really loved your paintings! They are so inspiring keep up the good work!
Sharon Rust

14th May 2007
Hi Ken:
Just wanted to write a quick note to say that I think your work is excellant... Wish you were in
Canada! We are opening a gallery here in the next year once we are finished renovating the place...
Used to be a church... Anyways, if you ever want an avenue in Canada... let us know...
It's excellant stuff...
Sincerely, Chris Wikman

17th May 2007
apologies for not coming back to you sooner, I have received the picture, safe and sound. And it is
Many thanks,

7th May 2007
Dear Ken, I am an untrained frustrated artist living in U.S.A.
For the better part of a year, I have been dreaming that I am painting on canvass.
I paint huge and small pictures of natural scenes in the moonlight. This evening while doing
dishes, which always puts me in some sort of alpha state, you know repetition, warm water, sweet
smelling soap, mind left free to wander, I remembered a dream I had last night, that I was in the
woods, painting the moonlight coming through the trees...The trees were just budding with tiny
leaves, Their  branches like a thousand arms and hands...ready to pluck the stars from the sky,
which had a purple quality to its blueness. The stars were crystalline and bright. Not a cloud in
the sky, but a mist was low and covered the forest floor.. I could smell the woods..and hear the
frogs and night creatures singing . It was so lovely. You are probably wondering right now why the
heck I am telling you all of this. When I finished the dishes, I came upstairs and "Googled"
Moonlight on the Internet. And I found your website. I loved your Moonlight painting so much, that
I looked at it for 20 minutes. Then I looked at every picture on your web Site. Your work is
astounding. It draws me into it, and I am standing inside your paintings, touching the bark on the
trees, feeling the sand beneath my feet, feeling the waves wash over me. Or my feet, cool and bare
in the dew splashed grass, watching the sky turn purple pink and gold. Thank you for all these
wonderful images. I enjoyed myself so much in the world through your eyes.I believe I will buy a
canvass, and  try my hand..I'll make it a small canvass...I have never tried this before. But I
will learn by looking at your work. I really feel all lessons are right inside one of your
Thank you again

1st May 2007
Dear Ken:
The painting arrived.  It is enchanting!  Thank you.
Best wishes,

24th April 2007
I was browsing the net for an art project that has ended recently, when I came across your website
and was generally astounded by the talent and sophistication of the work you have created and
mentioned it in my portfolio.
This may seem like a weird e-mail for you but I just want to show my appreciation for some one with
actual talent, and I will be looking at your page in future for updates and new works.
Your work encouraged my cloud and water reflection studies throughout my project and will hopefully
get me a well deserved grade!
Hopefully soon there will be an exhibition near to me.
Thank you for the inspiration!
Fran Staples

27th March 2007
I am also an artist, a bit older than you, though...much older, probably!  Live in Colorado (U.S.),
the home of the beautiful skies, in my opinion.  Like to paint with palette knife in oils, also
enjoy soft pastels, of course!  My favorite subject:  skyscapes.  Lots of them. Little and big. 
You have a great website, plan to visit often, have sent your link to three other dear friends who
happen to be artists, also.  Good luck to you (although it certainly does not appear that you need
Karla Nolan

18th March 2007
found "Starlight" by accident while searching in Google and I think it's amazing!  It reminds me of
my own land.
The light is very special in your paintings, spelling...
Best wishes,
Rocío (Asturias, Spain)

12th March 2007
Hello Ken, I just wanted to say I saw a painting of yours today, Mounatins and clouds and just
wanted to let you know it bought a wonderful picture to my mind of Moses talking to God on the
mountain top. Thankyou for your talent , I wish I had the money to buy it.
Best Regards,
Michael Pollina
Dallas, Texas, USA

6th March 2007
Dear Ken
I collected the picture this morning.  It is even better in real life than it was on your website. 
Now I just have to decide where to hang it!!


4th March 2007
Just read your tips on oil painting outdoors.
Thank you for a lovely informative page that also made me laugh out loud and for some really good tips.

3rd March 2007
Good morning,
I’ve just finished browsing your web site once more, and always find your paintings to be an inspiration.  I too am an artist, and your technique of hazy, dreamy landscapes is very pleasing.  
You have mastered that to which I still aspire.
Thank you,
Richard Jenkins
Frankfort, Michigan

27th Jan 2007
I "re-found" your website, and love  your work.  I too love painting landscapes, trees and skies. 
They say so much.  Your work has such a wonderful feel.  Keep up the good work!

2nd Jan 2007
hi Ken,
My name is Tracy Collins and i'm in my second year of fine art 'a' level in adult education. Im my
recent project is the characteristics or water, thus i'v ended up drawn to the sea. The sea, waves,
sky and anything else that i can see looking out onto a seascape!!! i'm also drawn to the
contemporarty style and as i was searching the net i came across your works. Love them ! the
colour, compostion and very much your style.
Could you please let me know where i can go to see your works. i live in Dorset but thats not a
Look forward to a response,

Many thanks Tracy

6th Dec 2006
Mr Bushe,
This'll be quick, I just thought you'd like to know that I'm basing my final piece for my art exam
on your work.
It's very beautiful.

Jess x

30th Nov 2006
Dear Ken,
Thank you for your website.  What beautiful paintings! Delightful to browse through and inspiring
to "have a go!"  I particularly appreciate your paintings of trees as I have sometimes tried to
paint trees and find them completely mind-boggling.        

All best wishes, Terri  (Sussex,

19th Nov 2006
This is a work of a genius, how did you do that???
I love your work and i hope to one day be as good as you
you have my compliments

12th Nov 2006
Hello Ken,
I chanced upon your site while browing, using "painting commission" to see what came up.  You are
number One on over here!
I was very struck with your paintings, especially the river landscape which is the kind of painting
I have been dreaming of doing.   So wanted to let you know that you really are doing something I
drool over, noisily and lavishly.
I am English, transplanted into Californian soil, but did have a Scots grandad.  So please bear
with me.  I am self taught and if you care to check out my site sometime, it is
Keep up the magnificent work!

11th Nov 2006
Dear Ken,
A note to let you know that my husband just returned home from the
post office with your painting, and it's as lovely as we thought it
would be; beautiful light, beautiful colours.
We like the white one included in the packaging as well; your
minimalist period? :o)
For some reason our dog, and Irish Wolfhound, has taken quite an
interest in the packaging. Perhaps it's close enough to home for her
to smell familiar, or perhaps you have a dog as well? Either way, your
painting has provoked a lot of tail wagging. From all of us.
Thanks so much, Ken.
Best wishes,
Kim Clyde

Dear Kim,
The white one IS "Loch Tay" - I just wrapped it up with an old landscape painting that no-one wanted.

6th Nov 2006
Dear Ken
I love your work. And I got a great chuckle over the "woolly bear" hairy caterpillar saga. This
year has been my year for plein aire painting in my own garden: painting my sanctuary. Forty years
of painting and I finally got outside the studio. Hard to get back in.
Thanks for your inspiration. Do you give classes? Someday, I would l love to come over to Scotland
and paint with you. Or maybe you could come to North America, maybe the West Coast?
Thanks for all the tips.
Ellen J. B
Bellingham, Washington State

1st Nov 2006
I entered your site by accident
and it was suck a blessed one
you have a uniqe senstivity
thanks for the sites
keep painting
Liad .m

23rd Oct 2006
I saw your work on Saatchi and wanted to say for me..... a non professional that I loved how you
give these mini tutoriaals on what you do and what paints you use. It really helps to build the
picture from the viewers perspective. eSPECIALLY FOR THOSE OF US WHO LOVE ART BUT ARE STILL ON
PAINT BY NUMBERS :)It's like creation as you apply your choices to reflect your vision. It's
breathtaking to see the falls and how you were able to capture and transpose the light to the
Thanks for sharing ...... your work gives off a sense of being there- of feeling the wind as the
person walks or the desolation in the more barren landscapes and then the fogs that roll in and how
it changes......Congratulations on being featured on Saatchi.....
Anjela W



Cloud Study 3-200x163
Colour Study - Evening Light-200x142
Contrails 2-200x147
Loch Linnie-200x161
Loch Sunart-200x159
Oil Sketch of Sunset-200x146
Oil Study of Birch Tree-200x156
Setting Sun-200x147
Sunrise Through Mist 3-200x147