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Ken Bushe 2014

Loch Linnie-200x161-150x120

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First Light on the Tay-750x428-150x85

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After the Greatest Clouds

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Sunrise Through Mist 3-200x147-150x110

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Eastern Sky-750x604-150x120

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One Crimson Night-750x595-150x119


Dawn Study 6-750x552-150x110

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Contrails 2-200x147-150x110
Cloudscape image 2-750x491-150x98
Setting Sun-200x147-150x110

Commissions - Commissioning a landscape painting.

This website has proved to be an ideal way to discuss all kinds of painting topics with site visitors and buyers. I enjoy this dialogue very much. It also greatly facilitates the commissioning of work as I can discuss all aspects of a painting commission in its entirety, directly with the client.

Gorilla 7 leaving the Stannergate - Oil painting of Rowan Gorilla

Gorilla 7 Leaving the Stannergate  16x20ins. Oil on Canvas

The Wave 2-750x608

Wave   10x12 ins.  Oil on Canvas                                                                   Commission

Based on an earlier work.


Commission Dec. 2010   75x90cm   Oil Painting on Canvas                       Commissioned work

“ I’m so lucky to have it!  Opened it last night with relatives here, stapled it up on the wall in the art studio, and we all just stared at it amazed.
I can’t pick an area that is my favorite because I have too many…”


Oil painting commission of oil rig Gorilla 7 in 2011

Commissioned painting of Oil Rig Gorilla 7    40x50cm.                            Oil on Canvas

.....Sometimes I hear in advance on the grapevine when she’s moving and make sure I’m ready with sketchbook and camera but other times I just see this oil rig passing the window and have to run out. An amazing sight This is the third painting I’ve done of Gorilla 7


painting landscape panorama - Den of Alyth

Commission - From the Den of Alyth                                                           40 x 90cm.  Oil on Canvas 

A wide view of the river curving through the Den of Alyth

Oil painting commission  sunset sky and landscape

East Beach  14x16ins Oil painting                                                                  Commission

Oil painting commission Thornton Farm, near Balmarino Fife

Thornton Farm Commission  20x30ins. Oil on Canvas                              Commissioned painting

This place could have been from another time, remote as it was from the road...


Oil painting commission- Sunset  sky over Malvern Hills

The Malvern Hills   100x120 cm   (approx. 40x50ins)  Oil on Canvas                       Commission

The brief for this commission referred to a rich luminous "red" sunset with a distant view of the Malvern hills featuring as prominently as possible within the composition


See also - How to commission a painting

Large Cloud Painting - Oil painting commission

Cloud Edge - 120x120cm. (Approx 4ftx4ft)  Oil painting on Canvas

Oil painting commission for suite in Superyacht Cloud 9

Click for more info

2 commissioned works for the newly built 60 meter long Superyacht “Cloud 9”


Oil Painting Commission for Superyacht Cloud 9

Dawn Clouds 6th June - 28x48cm  (Approx 11x19 ins.)  Oil painting on Canvas                      Commission


Landscape Sky Painting Commission for Swede Mc Broom

Commission for Swede McBroom  5ftx6ft  Oil painting on canvas          Commissioned landscape

The brief for this large painting was “A painting which gives the essence of Scotland and its skies” and it was given to me by a friend of many years who lived, like myself, in the Scottish Borders but is now in Virginia USA


Tree  painting commission - Oil on Canvas

The Wishing Tree 24x26ins      Oil painting on canvas                       Commission

The trunk of this tree was worn smooth from cattle rubbing against it over the years. It had great presence and grew from the uneven ground of an early settlement, the signs of which can still be seen although knowledge of its origins appear to be lost. The Ordnance Survey map shows nothing....

...when I was painting in the vicinity of this tree, there was always a feeling that it might just be possible somehow to “lift the lid” on our normal reality and see some of the layers below.


If you are interested in commissioning a work and if you have a particular vision of a kind of painting you would like, please get in touch with me at -  to discuss it.

Seascape painting commission

Commissioned by a friend of mine - also an artist who paints the sky. My brief was for a painting of sea and sky with a low horizon and the colours were to be predominantly red and blue.

Red and Blue Commission

A painting might be commissioned of a particular kind of sky, like this one, it could be of a particular place, a tree in a certain light, or an icon like a local landmark

The “brief” for this landscape work was for a strong sky as the major element in the painting, seen from a moorland or upland location.


Commission  landscape painting,

Northballo Hill        Sky Painting Commission 16x18ins  Oil on Canvas   

It could just be a painting of an attitude like this one below which was about the single idea of travelling hopefully

Figure Painting Commission - a figure in landscape painting

....The effects of a landscape on the spirit and the nature of an individual travelling through it fascinate me.


If 36x30ins.   Oil on Canvas

This was a painting of the Oil Rig “Gorilla 7” which has several times berthed in Dundee for repairs and maintenance, commissioned by one of the engineers who helped build her years ago in Louisiana


 Gorilla 7 leaving Dundee

Industrial landscape oil painting commission

Mark sent me photographs unwrapping the commission on arrival in the States which I reproduce below with his permission..


Package arrived today quite intact. Excellent packing job. Protected the painting without fail yet it was easy to remove with the careful cuts of a knife.
And yes, this thing is just overwhelming. I know I asked you to go to a smaller canvas size but this painting is still larger than I had anticipated. It’s gorgeous.
Brilliant. You could not have done a better job. It’s what I anticipated and more. The jpg image was a nice way to gauge the final result but presence is another matter altogether. I can’t wait to take it to the framer and put it on my office wall.”

Thanks Mark - this is the first time I’ve ever seen a painting arrive!

Landscape painting Commissions  - Lochearn

A work of this size (10x12ins) could be commissioned for around 300 and typically takes around 1-2 months to complete

Recent Commission of a Scottish Loch in winter - Loch Earn                     Oil painting on canvas 10x12ins

This large work was commissioned as a present from the client to his wife in celebration of the birth of their first child.

The brief was to paint a Glasgow street scene which in some way illustrated the vibrancy and beauty which can be seen and felt in Glasgow.

As the client and his wife were both students at Glasgow university we agreed that it should feature within the work in some way.

For a detailed account of the various stages in the completion of this work click here - Glasgow Commission

Urban Landscape Commission - Oil painting on Canvas - 30x36ins

Painting commission -  Glasgow  - urban landscape

A work like this would cost around 1200 and would take between 2-3 months to complete


Trees in winter

Small painting commission - oil painting Trees in Winter

A small work like this 6x7 inch oil sketch could be commissioned for around 100 GBP.

This painting was one of a pair which were both commissioned for the new offices of my client, a soliciter who specialises in commercial mediation.

My brief was to work towards images which would sit easily with the strong emotions often existing within mediated disputes, while also giving a suggestion of hope and optimism. As such, they have a specific job to do.

My client was able to guide me towards the finished results by referring to other paintings on the website and after detailed discussion a sound understanding was reached.

Seascape painting  commission- emotional oil painting
Commission oil painting of place - Lunan Bay

Lunan Bay 24x17ins    Oil painting on Canvas                                                                 Commission

A relatively free “brief” to interpret a particular place in the landscape can produce a fine commission.

Townscape commission - Oil painting Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station - Oil painting on canvas     Commission 

To discuss commissioning a painting-

Send me an e-mail

For a guide to cost see A Rough Guide to pricing a commission

More information about commissioning a painting click here - Commission a Painting

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