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Ken Bushe 2014

Loch Linnie-200x161-150x120

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First Light on the Tay-750x428-150x85

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After the Greatest Clouds

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Sunrise Through Mist 3-200x147-150x110

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Eastern Sky-750x604-150x120

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One Crimson Night-750x595-150x119


Dawn Study 6-750x552-150x110

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Contrails 2-200x147-150x110
Cloudscape image 2-750x491-150x98
Setting Sun-200x147-150x110

Paintings relating to Broughty Ferry. I live and work in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, Scotland.  Much of my output is directly based on my immediate environment. The shoreline of the Tay and the sky above it is a constant source of observed imagery which goes straight into my work.  I aim to use the the space and light, which is such a feature of the River Tay and its associated landscape, as a subject in itself.

Oil painting from Broughty Ferry beach - The Dimming of the Day, Broughty Ferry

The Dimming of the Day   20x 24ins  Oil on canvas from Broughty Ferry Beach

Broughty  Ferry Castle Dawn

Broughty Ferry Castle - Dawn

Sketching at Broughty Ferry Castle

The Tay is a major element in the locality and its presence influences every aspect of the landscape.

Broughty Castle at night - Nocturne Broughty Castle - Oil on Canvas

Broughty Ferry Castle - Moonlight with Castle lights

The view from the river

I’m a member of the Taymara maritime training charity so I’m often out on local vessels “Badger” and “Marigot” which gives me a totally different perspective on the landscape, on the river itself and of the sky above it.

Marigot's wheelhouse River Tay Balmerino

In Marigot’s wheelhouse around Balmerino, returning from Perth. Marigot at Broughty Ferry Harbour and Badger at the Tay Rail Bridge (right)

Marigot River Tay
Badger  River tay

New - River Tay Dolphin Gallery

Dolphin at Broughty Castle from Badger

River Tay Dolphin Gallery

In recent years dolphins have returned to the Tay in increasing numbers and while these these same dolphins frequent the Moray Firth, their presence in the Tay extends from at least May to October so it’s possible to regard these as a resident population.They are Bottlenose dolphins and the pod inhabiting the Tay has been observed to consist of up to 50 individuals and includes new born calves.

Broughty Ferry must be one of the few places where residents on the front can see dolphins from their window.

Click for gallery of Dolphin Photos taken over the past 5 years from Badger and Marigot

Photo of Dolphin pod from Marigot off Tentsmuir Forest

Paintings directly associated with Broughty Ferry

Church Street Broughty Ferry

This study of a wave is from the steps at the end of Church Street, Broughty Ferry.

Noctilucent clouds - Broughty Ferry

See “2 Sunsets - 18th February” for a sequence of photographs showing Noctilucent clouds seen from Broughty Ferry on the 18th of February last year.

Pebble Beach Broughty Ferry

Also from the Pebble Beach at Church Street, this painting is of three of the young swans that live around Beach Crescent and are a well known part of local life.

Seascape from Broughty Ferry - Scotcraig Lighthouse

Study of a breaking wave from here with Scotscraig Lighthouse painted in the background

Immortalised for better or worse (worse actually, let’s face it) as “the Silvery Tay”, the river at Broughty Ferry shows an amazing ability to change colour, light and cloud cover, to change its water surface, and to generally alter its appearance in a very short space of time.

River Tay from Broughty Ferry

These are some studies of the River Tay at various times and in different light.

Scotscraig lighthouse from Broughty Ferry
Nocturne from Broughty Ferry - Oil painting from Church St.

Although Broughty Ferry is no longer a working ferry port, it still has a working harbour and the Tay is a busy river, hosting everything from Oil rigs to supertankers, sailing ships, cruise liners and leisure craft of all sizes.

Commissioned Painting - Oil Rig Gorrila 7 passing Broughty Ferry
Oil rig at Night Dundee
Cloud Painting from Broughty  Ferry  Oil Sketch

The Thought Cloud - Tentsmuir. Observed and painted from Broughty Castle

Yellow Dawn from Broughty Ferry Beach

Yellow Dawn painted from Castle Green Broughty Ferry

Moonlight sketch from Church Street Broughty ferry

This study of the oil rig “Gorilla 7 leaving Dundee”  was commissioned by one of the engineers who actually built her and the painting is in Houston now.

Gorilla 7 and others have lent her substantial presence to the Stannergate several times now, much to the annoyance of nearby residents who find their television signal diverted by the biggest TV aerial in the world.

I think the rigs are brilliant myself and seeing them enter and leave the Tay is a real event.

Oil Rig approaching Stannergate, Dundee
Oil painting of Larick Beacon from Badger, Broughty Ferry

The Larick Beacon, in the Tay, off Tayport, sketched from Badger and finished in the studio

After the Greatest Clouds seen over the Tay

After the Greatest Clouds  - observed over the Tay looking west towards the bridges

Painting from Broughty Castle Green
Painting at Broughty Ferry Castle
River Tay Dolphin from Marigot